Recycling Resources

Ruthie high rise skinny jeans next to a plant

You may or may not be aware but clothing, especially denim takes time to decompose. If there are any synthetic fibers in the clothing it may not decompose.

With our denim needing to have stretch to fit our curves we have to take this into consideration. We've compiled a few resources to help recycle denim (or any article of clothing) you may not wear or no longer want.

Cali & Dana are not affiliated with any of these companies however we hope these become a resource to you as they have for us:

If you're anything like us, the plastic bags that we receive from online shopping add up too! Here are a couple resources to help navigate recycling the plastic bags we accumulate:

Micro plastics is another discussion that needs to be had. Micro plastics add up and enter our water systems during washing. You can help prevent this by washing your clothes, especially your denim less (and in cold water) and by purchasing specific laundry bags for any article of clothing that may contain synthetic fibers.

We hope this information helps anyone starting their sustainability journey.

Happy Recycling!

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